Frankfurt am Main & Heidelberg

“Frankfurt is a city [full] of contradictions” our tour guide stated: it is at the same time the banking capital of Germany as well as the prostitution capital. It hosts the world’s largest automotive show every year, but is also known for having a serious drug problem (in fact, our guide explained, this is why the metro was first created – to shuttle visitors from downtown to other parts of the city without having to pass through the red-light district and other destitute areas ). Frankfurt is an international city, full of tourists, expats, and German nationals. Above all Frankfurt is a fascinating city with much to discover – walking along the Main in the afternoon, drinking Apfelwein in a local dive, or talking a free walking tour are all excellent ways to pass time in this city.

I didn’t pull out my camera very often in Frankfurt itself, but did manage to get a photo of the Römer, which currently houses Frankfurt’s City Hall:


My final day in Frankfurt consisted of walking around the city, searching for wifi and schnitzel. I stopped by Alte Oper, the old Opera House:


Following the advice of a friend (and former Heidelberg-er) we took a day trip to the historic city. Being one of the few large German cities that escaped bombing during WWII, Heidelberg remains largely intact; arriving in Heidelberg was like stepping back in time. Heidelberg houses one of Europe’s oldest educational institutions, Heidelberg University, and the city’s population of just under 160 000 is made up of about 25% students.

Like Frankfurt am Main, Heidelberg is also separated by a notable river, the Neckar. The Old Bridge (on the left-hand side) and the banks of the Neckar:


A view of the Old Bridge and the Neckar from Heidelberger Schloss, a little later in the afternoon:


A close-up on the Eastern wall of Heidelberger Schloss:


The sunset from an observation point to the east of Heidelberger Schloss:


Including the North-Eastern part Heidelberger Schloss:


Iain with the sunset and the castle in the background:


A couple of Brüder posing in front of Heidelberger Schloss:

DSC05193.JPGA final picture of Heidelberg and the Neckar:


At dusk:


Visiting this fairy-tale city, if even only for a few hours was a highlight of the trip – I would highly recommend anyone visiting Frankfurt to consider taking a day-trip (of a few days’ trip) to Heidelberg. Only one-hour by bus from Frankfurt’s central station, Iain and I paid less than €30 with Flix Bus for both of us to get there and back, booking the morning of our trip.

This trip was an excellent first glimpse of Germany – a friendly country that is full of history, natural landscapes and extremely-reasonably priced beer. I have a feeling that I will have good reason to visit more often in the very near future.

6 thoughts on “Frankfurt am Main & Heidelberg

  1. Dear Alec, Thank you so much for your pictures and commentary of Frankfurt and Heidelberg. What an amazing place! So glad you got to see it and especially to be there with Iain. I hear that you may be together quite often next year. What a blast !
    Love you Lots.

    1. Thanks Grammie! We had an excellent time together – I love sharing what I am up to so the fam can see what’s going on across the pond! It is certainly exciting that Iain and Blanche will be even closer next year. Send my love to everyone at home!

    1. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I definitely have plans to go back next time I visit Frankfurt, which I think will be in the near future!

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