Montmartre: an area in Paris known for the Moulin Rouge; the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre, where someone can be found praying 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; and it’s artistic flair. Fortunately my friend Paula lives right around the corner from the Moulin Rouge, and was kind enough to act as my tour guide for the day. After spending the afternoon and part of the evening walking around, we maybe covered a kilometre or two – there is quite a bit to see in such a small area!

After trying unsuccessfully to get into the Moulin Rouge to take a look around, we ate lunch and wandered over to le mur des je t’aime, an art project completed in 2000 by Frédéric Baron and Claire Kito and featuring the words “I Love You” written in 250 languages on (enamelled lava?) in Jehan-Rictus square:


We trudged up the hill towards Sacré-Cœur, and stopped to snap some photos from this viewing point (my favourite thus far):


Fog or smog?:


We climbed up another couple hundred steps to get to the top of the dome of the basilica. I had to squat down and still didn’t get anything to show up in the background:


One of a few smaller domes seen from the main Dome:


A panoramic view from atop the Dome:


Finally, the Eiffel Tower as the sun goes down:


I would recommend that any visitors looking to get a good shot of Paris from a high vantage point should visit Sacré-Cœur. The basilica itself is also beautiful on the inside. However, it is very popular with tourists, and as such is not especially tranquil, depending on the time of day. It was a bit chilly when we visited, which I think worked in our favour and allowed us to better enjoy a beautiful sunset over a magnificent city.

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