Rendez-vous à Paris

Just before leaving for Christmas Holidays, I had the chance to meet up with  two friends from exchange who had flown in from Dublin and Glasgow for the weekend. We spent the afternoon touristing around; after meeting with their friend for lunch, our destination was Notre-Dame.

It was difficult to get a front-facing shot of the Cathedral in it’s entirety due to it’s height, so this was taken from Petit Pont – Cardinal Lustiger as I was leaving:


We met up with an exchange friend and walked down Champs d’Elysées. I took the same shot from a few weeks prior, a few hours earlier in the day (I still would not recommend driving in the Rond-Point):


The Christmas Market was in full effect, meaning there were lights, people, and vin chaud everywhere (an excellent way to warm oneself up from the inside out). Sophie and I strolled to the nearest Metro station to catch a train out to Charles de Gaulle, where I would leave for the time being.

After leaving Charles de Gaulle and arriving back at Gare du Nord, I was about to hop on the train to head back home, but decided to snap a couple more photos:


Simple facades shone brighter the more the light disappears:


Another day in Paris…and I still haven’t even begun to discover all this city has to offer.


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